It's hard to imagine what the future holds when you're immersed in the whirlwind moments of pregnancy, caring for a newborn or juggling daily family life.  Before you know it your beautiful babies will be running full speed towards yet another milestone on life's journey.  And it's exactly at these moments when you suddenly hits you that time really does fly by.  Yep, these "people" are right.  That's when you'll realize time really does fly.

 I remember staring down at my newborn babies elated, so exhausted but so in LOVE.  I remember thinking, I don't want to forget any of this...NOT one detail."  This inspired my passion for photography and as my three kids grew, so did my desire to perfect the images that vividly encapsulate everyday life- SIMPLE, TIMELESS IMAGES filled with real emotion.  From capturing a newborn's tiny perfect little fingers and toes to their sweet pink lips.  And as they grow, those chubby little fingers perched inside your hand to sweet, sloppy kisses and hugs as they say, " I love you." 

 Every session is created to feel like a sigh of relief.  No timeline.  Your kids can just be kids and nothing will ever feel rushed.  Therefore we can ensure authentic moments and smiles.  As a former NICU nurse, my newborn sessions are handled with the utmost care to ensure your baby's safety and comfort.  We snuggle, we feed and most important, we take our time.  

You get to take a break and relax!  It's my hope that when you look at your photos in years to come they evoke an extra smile as you recall the memories of our session together.

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People say, "TIME FLIES." Guess what? It's true.

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